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Bridging the worlds of housing needs and economic development through high-quality research

Housing Research

"housing is the root of most social injustices"


Housing Prices

Housing prices are formally tracked only in large metros. We study and develop new indices to track housing price indices for small cities and even neighborhoods


Gentrification and Displacement

Most gentrification metrics are based on Census data, which does not allow to track residential mobility. We study and developed new algorithms for tracking residential mobility at the household level to separate gentrification moves from regular moves. 


Housing physical conditions

We apply artificial intelligence models to identify houses in need or repairs, aiming to help targeting resources to residents in need of housing rehabilitation

Housing+ research

Environmental Planning

We look at how the environment affects housing and socioeconomic outcomes

Economic Development

"Can we all get along?"

We study how to balance economic growth with socioeconomic outcomes.

Regional Science

Do we have a market failure?

We study regional economic markets and their ability to produce equitable outcomes

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